Tim and Toni Warren produce and sell top class young horses with the ability, temperament and attitude to take you to the top. 

With a respected and internationally recognised reputation for over 30 years, we specialise in unspoilt young horses from Britain, Ireland and Europe.

We sell horses with a future, not a past.



We love what we do. 
We travel the length and breadth of Britain and Europe looking at literally hundreds of young horses in our search for those with the scope and ability to achieve top level competition.

We are incredibly fussy about the horses we choose and will only buy what we like, because all our years of experience have taught us one thing - if we like them, someone else will too.  

It is a continuing and ever more difficult challenge to find horses that are genuinely good enough to go to the top, but we have high standards that horses simply must reach, or we just don't buy them.  There is nothing we like more than to see a young horse blossom and grow into a competition horse full of confidence and courage, fulfilling its potential.  This is why we now specialise in unspoilt young horses from 2 to 4 years old.

All of our horses are vetted and x-rayed prior to purchase.

We love our horses and we hope you do too.  Our Warren Eventing Facebook page is continually updated with news and videos of any new horses for sale so 'like' or follow us to see the latest arrivals.

Please feel free to call us about any of our horses.
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The Holt



BS39 4NT

Tim:  07973 781434             

Toni: 07970 274136               Facebook: Warren Eventing


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